Self portrait in a background full of linden tree flowers.

Photo dedication for linden flowers tea lovers

From what I heard, linden flowers tea is not that common in other countries as is in Romania. And even here, many people drink it just when they are in need for its beneficial effects like relaxation, anxiety relief or when treating a cold.

For me it’s a bit different. The lime tree flowers tea (lime tree is another name for the linden tree, as basswood or tilia) has such a smooth and yet powerful unique flavour that I use many times just for the joy of tasting. And yes, it tastes like heaven for me! 🙂

So, if you enjoy herbal tea and if you are a tea lover, I definitely recommend you to try the linden flowers tea. Actually, I will just go and make one now!


P.s. If you ever tried this type of tea let me know what do you think of it.


Photo dedication for linden flowers tea lovers

A dream with linden tree flowers

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