Gaultheria procumbens mix in ice

Gaultheria mix dilemma

For one of my images from the Ice and Flowers project I used Gaultheria procumbens. They are beautiful ornamental plants, especially during winter. And those little red berries bring joy to every house corner.

Now, I did find a place for the Gaultheria to enjoy my sight. My dilemma is regarding the texture images. I made 3 versions, one with ice covering all the deerberies, and 2 of them in which I used some watercolor backgrounds under the ice block. All 3 came out beautifully. I should choose just one, but how to do this when I love all 3?

Which version do you prefer?

A wintergreen dream

Gaultheria – Version 1.


Gaultheria procumbens in ice

Gaultheria – Version 2.


Deerberry dreams

Gaultheria – Version 3.


Other common names for Gaultheria Procumbens include American mountain tea, boxberry, Canada tea, canterberry, checkerberry, chickenberry, chinks, creeping wintergreen, deerberry, drunkards, gingerberry, ground berry, ground tea, grouseberry, hillberry, mountain tea, one-berry, partridge berry, procalm, red pollom, spice berry, squaw vine, star berry, spiceberry, spicy wintergreen, spring wintergreen, teaberry, wax cluster, and youngsters.

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